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Asian Faculty And Physicians

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Asian Clinical and Research Faculty (Partial listing)

The following is a partial listing of Asian faculty in the various clinical specialties and research within the UCSF Medical Center. For a complete listing of all faculty members, please see Find Doctor by Specialty. (This list does not include the vast numbers of Asian volunteer clinical faculty who work at other healthcare organizations.)

Allergy and Immunology Specialists

Schuman Tam

Iris M. Otani

Anesthesiology Specialists

Lee-Lynn Chen
Zhonghui Guan
Jin Huang
Sakura Kinjo
Chanhung Lee
David J. Lee
Jae Woo Lee
Jacqueline Leung
Linda Liu
Victor Ng
Thoha Pham
David Shimabukuro

Audiology Specialists

Wileen Chang
Julia Chung
Melissa Ho

Blood Diseases & BMT Specialists

Weiyun Z. Ai
Catherine Smith
Sandy Wong

Cancer: Blood Cancer Specialists

Weiyun Z. Ai
David J. Lee
Catherine Smith
Sandy Wong

Cancer: Breast Cancer Specialists

A. Jo Chien
John W. Park
Jasmine Wong

Cancer: Colorectal Surgery Specialists

Hueylan Chern
Andrew Ko
Chia_Ching (Jackie) Wang

Cancer: Endocrine Cancer Specialists

Quan-Yang Duh
Wen T. Shen

Cancer: Gastrointestinal/Pancreatic Cancer Specialists

Kenzo Hirose
Andrew Ko
Eric Nakakura

Cancer: Gynecological Cancer Specialists

Lee-may Chen
Yvonne Lin
Stephanie M.Ueda

Cancer: Head & Neck Cancer Specialists

Patrick Ha

Cancer: Liver Cancer Specialists

Andrew Ko
Eric Nakakura

Cancer: Lung Cancer Specialists

Victoria Wang
Melisa Lee Ling Wong

Cancer: Neurologic Cancer Specialists

Susan Chang

Cancer: Radiology Oncology Specialists

I-Chow Hsu
Jean Nakamura
Catherine Park
Sue Yom

Cancer: Skin Cancer Specialists

Katy K. Tsai
Maria L. Wei

Cancer: Soft Tissue and Bone Cancer Specialists

Eric Nakakura
Ross Okimoto

Cancer: Urologic Cancer Specialists

Lawrence Fong
Maxwell Meng
Hao Nguyen
Katsuto Shinohara

Colorectal Surgery Specialists

Hueylan Chern
Edward H. Kim

Dermatologic Surgery Specialists

Siegrid Yu

Dermatology Specialists

Jeffrey Cheng
Raymond Jaihyun Cho
John Koo
Pui-Yan Kwok
Wilson Liao
Kanade Shinkai
Maria Wei
Iwei Yeh

Ear, Nose & Throat/Head & Neck Surgery Specialists

Jolie L. Chang
Steven Cheung
Patrick Ha
Hieu Pham
Vyvy Young

Emergency Medicine Specialists

Esther Chen
Elizabeth Kwan
Ralph Wang

Endocrine Surgery Specialists

Quan-Yang Duh
Wen T. Shen
Insoo Suh

Endocrinology Specialists

Edward Hsiao
Victoria Hsiao

Gregory Ku
Chienying Liu

Fetal Surgery Specialists

Hanmin Lee
Janet Shimotake

Gastroenterology: Gastroenterology Specialists

Tammy T. Chang

Gastroenterology: Gastrointestinal Surgery Specialists

Matthew Lin

Geriatrics Specialists

Pei Chen

Heart: Cardiac Surgery Specialists

Kai Ihnken
Teng Chun Lee
Elaine Tseng

Heart: Cardiology Specialists

Russell Ching
Sung Choi
Gordon Fung
Henry Hsia
Byron K.Lee
Randell Lee
Walter Li
Geoff Tison
Zian Tseng
Roland Wu

Hospital Medicine Specialists

Hugo Cheng
Margaret Fang
Catherine Lau
Phuoc Van Le

Infectious Disease Specialists

Peter Chin-Hong
Felicia Chow
Chris Keh
Catherine Liu

Integrative Medicine Specialists

Tracy Peng

Kidney Specialists

Kerry Cho
Chi-Yuan Hsu
Raymond Hsu
Elaine Ku
Yuenting Diana Kwong
Brian Lee
Kathleen Liu
Lowell Lo
Meyeon Park

Liver Specialists

Jennifer Lai
Francis Yao

Lung: Pulmonary Surgery Specialists

Binh Trinh
Elaine Tseng

Lung: Pulmonary Specialists

Anthony Shum
Thiennu Vu

Medical Genetics Specialists

Joseph Shieh

Neurology Specialists

Felicia Chow
Aimee Kao
Anthony Kim
Nerissa U. Ko
Ken Nakamura
Tina T. Shih
Richard Tsai
Maggie Waung

Neurosurgery Specialists

Edward Chang
Dean Chou
Michael C. Huang
Lee Tan

Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Health: Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists

Ben Li
Mari-Paule Thiet

Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Health: Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialists

Jacquelyn Chyu

Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Health: Reproductive Health Specialists

Victor Fujimoto
Evelyn Mok-Lin

Ophthalmology and Optometry Specialists

Daphne Chan
Matilda Chan
Thuy Doan
Ying Han
Yen Cheng (Joey) Hsia
David G. Hwang
Roland Jung
Kuniyoshi Kanat
James Li
Yvonne Ou
Truyet Tran
Wai-Ling Wong
Mark Wu

Organ Transplants Specialists

Sandy Feng
Ryutaro Hirose
Sang-Mo Kang

Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Specialists

Cindy Chang
Erik Hansen
Hubert Kim
Anthony Luke
C. Benjamin Ma
Bobby Tay
Alan Zhang

Palliative Care Specialists

Stephanie Cheng
Yuika Goto


Geung Hwan (George) Ahn
Yunn-Yi Chen
Eric Huang
Grace Kim
Stephen Nishimura

Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine Specialists

Masato Nagao
Patricia Zheng

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialists

Andrea Park
David M. Young
Bovey Zhu

Primary Medicine: Family Medicine Specialists

Monica Hahn
James Jin Park
Betsy Wan
Nghe Yang

Primary Medicine: Internal Medicine Specialists

Maki Aoki
Mai-Khanh Bui-Duy
Deborah Chen Besson
Therese Chan Tack
Anne Chang
Melinda Gu
Alison J. Huang
Iris Huang
Jane Jih
Brent Kobashi
Cindy Lai
Jonathan Shing-Jih Lee
Grace A Lin
Pamela Ling
Bernard Lo
Don Ng
Tung Nguyen
Megumi Okumura
Christina Pham
Leslie She
Yiwey Shieh
Ida Sim
Sarah Summerville
Terrelea Wong

Psychiatry & Psychology Specialists

Descartes Li
Tracy Peng
Jewel Shim

Radiology Specialists

Soonmee Cha
Cynthia Chin
Bonnie Joe
Zhen Jane Wang
Benjamin Yeh
Esther Yuh

Rheumatology Specialists

Sharon A. Chung

Urology Specialists

Thomas Chi
Tom Lue

Vascular Surgery Specialists

Jade Hiramoto

Please email Diana Lau if your name was inadvertently left out. Thank you.

Basic Science Asian Research Faculty (Partial listing)

The following is a partial listing of Asian faculty specializing in basic science, genetics, and stem cells research.
Jonah R. Chan, PhD
Laurence Cheng, MD, PhD
Charles Chiu, MD, PhD
Lawrence Fong, MD
Ying-Hui Fu, PhD
Li Gan, PhD
Edward Hsiao, MD, PhD
Eric Huang, MD, PhD
Guo Huang, PhD
Yadong Huang, MD, PhD
Lily Jan, PhD
Shingo Kajimura, PhD
Y.W. Kan, MBBS, DSc
Aimee Kao, MD, PhD
Charlie Kim, PhD
Gregory Ku, MD, PhD
Pui-Yan Kwok, MD, PhD
Averil Ma, MD, PhD
Takashi Mikawa, PhD
Ken Nakamura, MD, PhD
Joseph T. C. Shieh, MD, PhD
Jeoung-Sook Shin, PhD
Anthony Shum, MD
Qizhi Tang, PhD
Thiennu Vu, MD, PhD
Biao Wang, PhD
Rong Wang, PhD
Allison Xu, PhD
Keith Yamamoto, PhD

(Please email Diana Lau if your name was inadvertently left out. Thank you!)