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Dr. C Benjamin Ma, MD on COVID-19 Vaccines: Dr. Ben Ma from the UCSF Department of Surgery urges the community to vaccinate as soon as possible, and take heed of the flood of misinformation in the social media discrediting CoVID vaccines.

Discussion of COVID Vaccinations (Mandarin)

Get Vaccinated San Francisco!

Vaccination against the 2019 Coronavirus PT.1 (Cantonese): Save lives and vaccinate, you and I have a responsibility, don't hesitate!

Vaccination against the 2019 Coronavirus PT.2 (Cantonese): Save lives and vaccinate, you and I have a responsibility and don't hesitate!

Facts about the Vaccine (Cantonese): Let us separate fact from fiction and answer the most common questions.

The Coronavirus COVID-19 Vaccine (Cantonese): The vaccine teaches our immune system to recognize the virus and destroy it. You will not get the coronavirus from the vaccine-there is no living or dead coronavirus in the vaccine

How the Vaccine Works (Chinese Subtitles)

馬鎮邦醫學教授敦促接種新冠疫苗: 加州大學舊金山分校的外科醫生馬鎮邦教授敦促市民盡快接種新冠疫苗,提醒別被許多詆毀該疫苗的不實社交媒體信息誤導

討論接種防新冠肺炎 CoVID 19 疫苗(國)


接種2019新型冠狀病毒疫苗 - 上 (粵): 挽救生命齊接種,您我有責莫猶豫!

接種2019新型冠狀病毒疫苗 - 下 (粵): 挽救生命齊接種,您我有責莫猶豫!

關於疫苗的事實 (粵): 讓我們將事實與虛構分開,並回答最常見的問題。

新冠肺炎COVID 19疫苗 (粵): 疫苗會教導我們的免疫系統辨認病毒,並加以消滅。您不會因接種疫苗而感染新型冠狀病毒 - 疫苗中並沒有任何活體或已死的冠狀病毒。

疫苗如何起作用 (中文字幕)