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UCSF Liaisons

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Asian Faculty Association

Chaired by: Dr. Don Ng


Asian Health Caucus (AHC)

2016 Board
Co-President - Serafine Chen, Catherine Lo, Caleb Tam
Secretary - Kimberly Chen
Community Chair - Olivia Guo
Education Co-Chair - Jennifer Xu, Jason Yip
Public Relations Chair - Brittany Chou

Photo (left to right):
Jennifer Xu, Rebecca Hsieh(2015 Co-President), Brittany Chou, Jason Yip, Catherine Lo, Michelle Fang(2015 Mentor Chair), Caleb Tam, Kimberly Chen, Lisha Deng (2015 Education Co- Chair), Olivia Guo, Serafine Chen

2014 Board
Co-Presidents: Anh Pham and Sean Lin
Vice President: Michelle Ho
Secretary/Treasurer: Pia Briones
Mentor Chair: Rebecca Hsieh
Community Chairs: Jeffrey Morimune and Danning Ma
Education Chairs: Keil Chase (Mandarin) and Joanie Wen (Cantonese)
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Robert Ho (School of Dentistry)

Asian & Pacific American Systemwide Alliance

Association of Chinese Students and Scholars (ACSS Website)

Photo: Association of Chinese Students and Scholars (ACSS) group with China's Consulate General in San Francisco

President: Xiaomei Feng
Vice president: Kaipin Xu, Jiangtao Liu, Yan Wang
Financial officer: Wei Shao
Art and Entertainment: Kaipin Xu (Director), Jinghong Ma (Depute director), Xiaoming Guo
Academic exchange: Jiangtao Liu (Director), Wanling Xuan (Depute director), Youzhi Tang, Yuyuan Dai
Communication and Publicity: Yan Wang (Director), Chao Hong (Depute director), Zanlin Yu , Erle Dang
Faculty Mentor:Regis Kelly, Ying Wei, Diana Lau
Advisor:Zhiyong Yang
Board Committee: Xiaomei Feng, Kaipin Xu, Yan Wang, Jiangtao Liu, Wei Shao, Zhiyong Yang

President: Zhiyong Yang
President-elect: Pingyang Liu
Vice President: Wei Zhao
Committee Members:
Bin Zhao, Wei Shao, Zairan Liu, Ziwei Wang, Long Jiang, Shumin Yang, Meiling Piao, Dongju Wang, Yao Wang, Tongyue Chu, Hailin Hu
Faculty Mentors: Regis Kelly, Ying Wei, Diana Lau

President: Guilai Shi (March-May, 2013), Zhiyong Yang (from May 2013)
Vice presidents: Yi Zheng, Zhiyong Yang (March-May, 2013), Daniel Chao
Finance officer: Xueqing Liu
Art & Entertainment: Zhenying Han, Di Liu, Yiran Chen
External Affairs: Freeman Lan, Ling Zhang
Academic Affairs: Xin Xiong, Nan Chao, Qingfeng Zheng
Advisors: Ying Wei, Diana Lau, Chunhua Ding, Wei Zhang

Community Outreach Students Alliance (COSA)

2014-2015 Board
Advisor: Dr. Donald Kishi
Senior Directors: Christine Tran and Daisy Wong
External Directors: Christine Vu and Elaine Mac
Internal Directors: Rachel Kim and Nola He

Legend to the picture:
From left to right, bottom up:
Daisy Wong, Rachel Kim, Donald Kishi, Nola He, Elaine Mac, Christine Tran, Christine Vu